Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Visions in a Dream - 6

The recent tragedy at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007 is a sad event and my condolence to the families and friends involved. When reading the article two words caught my attention Ismail Ax. Instinctively reading those two words it immediately translated as "The axe of Ishmael". On further reflection the thought came in as a form of phonetic writing where the writer writes a word according to the pictorial image of the the word or the way they heard it and not necessarily the correct spelling of the words. Some of the ancient languages are read from right to left to make meaning of the sentences.

Some of the ancient languages are written using picture symbols, and when written phonetically it is the image that conveys to the mind the matter at hand but not the correct spelling that is important.

In this case Ismail Ax written on the right or left arm or hand will refer to any weapon used in killing such as the butcher uses an Axe to kill a goat. Ishmael as the son of Abraham was a care taker of sheep. His way of killing the goat in olden times will be with the Axe. The two words Ismael Ax will appropriately fit the way Ishmael who's brother was Isaac, killed in olden times. In this case written on the hand or arm will translate into the act of holding an axe or weapon of any kind to kill. It points appropriately to the weapon. It is like naming a weapon AX16.

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