Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Visions in a Dream - 6

The recent tragedy at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007 is a sad event and my condolence to the families and friends involved. When reading the article two words caught my attention Ismail Ax. Instinctively reading those two words it immediately translated as "The axe of Ishmael". On further reflection the thought came in as a form of phonetic writing where the writer writes a word according to the pictorial image of the the word or the way they heard it and not necessarily the correct spelling of the words. Some of the ancient languages are read from right to left to make meaning of the sentences.

Some of the ancient languages are written using picture symbols, and when written phonetically it is the image that conveys to the mind the matter at hand but not the correct spelling that is important.

In this case Ismail Ax written on the right or left arm or hand will refer to any weapon used in killing such as the butcher uses an Axe to kill a goat. Ishmael as the son of Abraham was a care taker of sheep. His way of killing the goat in olden times will be with the Axe. The two words Ismael Ax will appropriately fit the way Ishmael who's brother was Isaac, killed in olden times. In this case written on the hand or arm will translate into the act of holding an axe or weapon of any kind to kill. It points appropriately to the weapon. It is like naming a weapon AX16.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Visions in a Dream - 5

In this dream vision a spanish girl and her mother was in the house. The telephone was ringing and continued to ring. The girl was sitting next to the phone but she would not answer, and felt apprehensive. Finally she answers.

The person calling on the other line is a male boyfriend she has lost contact with for a long time. He was has been trying to contact her for a long time.

In between the conversation she puts down the phone and started cyring. She kept cyring and her mother walks to her and tells her to tell the boyfriend the truth.

She wouldn't do that for it seemed she had done something that seemed irreversible. She just sat there crying and crying, while her mother urges her to pick up the phone and tell the boyfriend the truth. The mother called the daughter by her name which begins with the letter "A".

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Sunday, April 1, 2007

Visions in a Dream - 4

In this dream vision the death of a man is being investigated by 2 police officers. The police officer sitting at a desk is narrating a prior similar incident to the other officer. The one sitting at the desk is dressed plain clothes, white shirt, short in size and of brown complexion, like Hispanic. The other officer listening is a black male also dressed in plain clothes.

The one sitting at the desk is telling the other officer that some time ago his brother was having intimate relations (incest) with his sister, and she became pregnant. When the family found out, he killed himself to cover his shame.

Now another death has occured in the family, and even though they did not know who killed the man, he is relating it to the prior incident to shed light on the investigation.

Both officers did not notice my presence.

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Friday, March 30, 2007

Visions in a Dream - 3

This dream vision took place in March this year, 2007 after I have completed making the album Black of Darkness vol. 1, and have released a few tracks to the public.

I found myself at the back row of a bus. All the seats were occupied and could see everyone from the back row. The people in the bus seemed to be a church congregation going on a trip somewhere.

I noticed that they were singing the words of a beutifull melody. I immediately recorgnized the words to be the "346th key Black Love" from the my album Black of Darkness vol. 1. I was puzzled in the dream wondering how they knew the words, since the words are not known to the church yet.

They were not aware of my presence and continued to sing in harmony and in unision. I kept thinking how they all seemed know to know the words of the song so well.

The bus came to a halt and I proceeded to get off. None of them seemed to be aware that I was present. Then I proceeded to get off the bus. Dream ended. On waking up, the thought came into my mind that what I observed was the future. That many churches will get to know this song and will be singing it in many places in the future.

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Visions in a Dream - 2

In this dream visioin I found myself inside the house of a black woman and her son, that seems to be about 9 years old. The boy and his mother was practicing to play a song on the piano. The piano was a grand piano, and a very large one. They were both seating on stools, the woman was sitting to the right side, the boy was sitting to the left side.

The woman was playing the melodic side of the musical composition, while the boy was playing the bass side on the piano. She was reading what she playing from a book lying to the right side of the piano. I recieved the thought that, the book she was reading from where my notes of some of my songs, and the book was my music book.

The son has become well skilled in playing the composition and wqs playing his part from memory. The entire piece they were playing was a fast paced dance composition, and their harmony was excellent. The son was expressing skills of moving accross the piano with ease and his skill was excellent, while the woman played the melody to accompany him.

They were both not aware that I was observing them, but the lady had to walk to the next room to do something. As she walked toward me. Even though she could not see me, I could read her thought clearly , that she senses that Ken Nunoo is present. She is thinking to herself that she can almost feel my presence in the room, that she almost bumped into me.

Even though she cannot hear my footsteps, I tip toed around her to avoid bumping into her. My reaction was instinctive, similar to when you almost bump into somebody. Yet she seemed certain in her mind that she almost bumped into me. I disappeared out of the house and dream ended.

I know somone that looks like the woman and her son in real life. But, in the dream they both looked younger than they are in the present. The son is not capable of playing the piano the way he did in the dream. The woman does not have access to my musical written and my music books.

What I observed could be an example of what is, or could be taking place in many homes accoss the earth in future in relation to my songs.

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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Visions in a Dream - 1

In this dream vision which occured on March 29, 2007 after 3 am in the morning, I was lying outside the compound of a place called Osu. This place is in Accra, Ghana, West Africa. The exact location is near the Accra sports stadium. My grandmother lived in that location, so it was normal to find myself there. This location is close to a place we call Black Star Square, where the annual independence of Ghana is celebrated once a year, which falls on March 6. A few yards from the Black Star Square is the Ocean.

In this dream I found myself lying on my back looking upward. In the first part of the dream I was looking at basket ball game live in progress. The game had temporarily been stopped and a black male player was to throw the ball from the left side of the field. But, as the game stopped momentarily, I heard the sound of a trumpet playing a song. I recorgnized the song immediately as one of my musical compositions that I wrote, which I call keys. I do not recall which song it was for I have written hundreds of songs. Meanwhile, as the player was getting ready to throw the ball into the net, the trumpets were playing as if to give him momentum.

The dream changed, then I was aware of black women selling fried plantains. One was complaining they have had no sales for the day and needed some sales.

The dream changed, and I noticed I was looking up at the sky. Then I observed that there were 3 names of angels written accross the sky in large letters. The names were written in black letters, but each name had a rectangular square of white clouds around it. From my position, I was looking at the names upside down, like a mirror image type of reflection. The names were nothing I could recorgnize, for each name had several letters bordered by a white rectangular cloud. As I tried to figure out what the names where, I instinctively knew they were names of angels that are unknown to me. I tried concentrating, but could not make out the names, for reading something upside down accross the sky was a bit testing to my mind. Dream ended.

**Note that the day before this dream, I was kind of joking with a friend and asked him that if he had a choice to meet anyone in time, or be any place he wished who or where would he like to be. His answer was, he would like to visit saturn, and we laughed about it. I said I would like to meet Moses, King Solomon, and Jesus all that same time in one place and interview them. I do not know whether my reply had anything to do with the dream the following day.

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