Friday, March 30, 2007

Visions in a Dream - 3

This dream vision took place in March this year, 2007 after I have completed making the album Black of Darkness vol. 1, and have released a few tracks to the public.

I found myself at the back row of a bus. All the seats were occupied and could see everyone from the back row. The people in the bus seemed to be a church congregation going on a trip somewhere.

I noticed that they were singing the words of a beutifull melody. I immediately recorgnized the words to be the "346th key Black Love" from the my album Black of Darkness vol. 1. I was puzzled in the dream wondering how they knew the words, since the words are not known to the church yet.

They were not aware of my presence and continued to sing in harmony and in unision. I kept thinking how they all seemed know to know the words of the song so well.

The bus came to a halt and I proceeded to get off. None of them seemed to be aware that I was present. Then I proceeded to get off the bus. Dream ended. On waking up, the thought came into my mind that what I observed was the future. That many churches will get to know this song and will be singing it in many places in the future.

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