Friday, March 30, 2007

Visions in a Dream - 2

In this dream visioin I found myself inside the house of a black woman and her son, that seems to be about 9 years old. The boy and his mother was practicing to play a song on the piano. The piano was a grand piano, and a very large one. They were both seating on stools, the woman was sitting to the right side, the boy was sitting to the left side.

The woman was playing the melodic side of the musical composition, while the boy was playing the bass side on the piano. She was reading what she playing from a book lying to the right side of the piano. I recieved the thought that, the book she was reading from where my notes of some of my songs, and the book was my music book.

The son has become well skilled in playing the composition and wqs playing his part from memory. The entire piece they were playing was a fast paced dance composition, and their harmony was excellent. The son was expressing skills of moving accross the piano with ease and his skill was excellent, while the woman played the melody to accompany him.

They were both not aware that I was observing them, but the lady had to walk to the next room to do something. As she walked toward me. Even though she could not see me, I could read her thought clearly , that she senses that Ken Nunoo is present. She is thinking to herself that she can almost feel my presence in the room, that she almost bumped into me.

Even though she cannot hear my footsteps, I tip toed around her to avoid bumping into her. My reaction was instinctive, similar to when you almost bump into somebody. Yet she seemed certain in her mind that she almost bumped into me. I disappeared out of the house and dream ended.

I know somone that looks like the woman and her son in real life. But, in the dream they both looked younger than they are in the present. The son is not capable of playing the piano the way he did in the dream. The woman does not have access to my musical written and my music books.

What I observed could be an example of what is, or could be taking place in many homes accoss the earth in future in relation to my songs.

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